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  • 溢星峯成立於2003年,總部及設計部門設於香港,合作OEM廠房分佈於中國內地 台灣 南韓及馬來西亞,憑著對產品質量堅持以及全面負責的售後服務精神,多年來深得業界同仁認同。我們為本港少數符合車廠級汽車附件的經驗開發商及多媒體產品供應商,提供車廠級標準質量汽車附件,汽車多媒體產品,及車隊管理監察系統。

    在零售市場上,我們致力引進環球優質產品。同時亦為一些知名品牌產品的中港澳總代理,如: 韓國Caidrox車路視,韓國Smarty汽車黑盒,韓國Aquartz纳米钛硅镀膜,日本Panasonic汽車黑盒 ,德國Zence多媒體播放器、台灣F-16脈衝王及美國 California Scents有機香氛座。在不斷變化的市場上,提供優質的汽車多媒體及附件產品。



    Gala Gold Hong Kong Ltd was founded in 2003, our headquarters and design department are located in Hong Kong, our OEM manufacturers are located around  South-East Asia , Mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Malaysia. We often get high appraisal from our dealers for our product quality and our excellent responsibility for after- care services.

    For our brand new auto accessories part, Gala Gold is one of the experienced producers of Carmaker standard auto accessories in Hong Kong. We provide Carmaker standards quality for many items such as, auto accessories, car multimedia system, car black box and fleet management system.
    For the aftermarket part, we are an experienced distributor of some popular brands products in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau , such as: Caidrox DVR (Korea), Smarty DVR (Korea), Aquartz nano-Titanium-Silica coating (Korea), Panasonic DVR (Japan), Zence Multimedia player (Germany) F-16 Pulse Saver ( Taiwan) and California Scents organic fragrance (United States). We always import the innovative high quality products for this changeable market.

    Gala Gold continuously target to optimize our products and customer service but, at the same time we are also highly concerned about the sustainability of the environment. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly materials in production and packaging. Besides, we often donate to charities which contribute to the local communities.

    We hope we cooperate with your company to create new business opportunities to serve our customers with high quality products and after-care services.

    Let’s hold fast our product’s quality and responsibility after service cooperating together with you!
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